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We work with you to create memorable experiences that help you build closer customer relationships.


Each part in the Customer Relationship Lifecycle include complementary services and solutions. These services help build conversations, which build stronger relationships that lead to the next step of the lifecycle.




















  • Social media marketing: introduce a company and product to new audiences through social media. Build a relationship with prospects by engaging in conversations, following individuals, sharing posts, and other social media activities. Share your story by linking to content you create.
  • Social media pre-sales: the process of qualifying a lead through social media using conversations and other relationship building methods. There is a slight shift in defining what makes a qualified lead using this method, which we will help you determine when creating the process.
  • Content marketing: create content that will share your story with your prospects,  customers, and beyond.
  • Research: know your audience based on their needs and challenges. Focus groups, discussions, games, and other research tools can be used. Why should customers care about your product?


Purchase Decision

  • Social media marketing: continue building a relationship with prospects and customers through social media. Provide links to content to share your story.
  • Social selling: continue building a relationship with a lead through social media. Provide content to guide a prospect to purchase.
  • Content marketing: create content that shares your story and guides a prospect to purchase.
  • Research: know your audience - why would they purchase your product or service? What information do they need to know to make that decision? What can sales say or do to help with the process?


Product Experience
























  • Vision & strategy: collaborate with the business to develop a long-term vision for the product. This deliverables could include a visualizations, roadmaps, high-level requirements documents and collaborations with teams regarding marketing strategies and approaches.
  • Product design & management: collaborate with a product team to create plans and develop requirements to make a product. Provide visualizations for features.
  • Usability research: understand how customers use product features and functionality and if there is a better way to execute them.



  • Customer support/service: collaborate to optimize and define the call center experience from call pick-up/resolution times to automated call routing. Also covers online chat and Web service experiences.
  • Support FAQs/content: collaborate with the team to create instructional content that will help fix minor issues to completing major repairs. Help a customer identify his issues and challenges and fix what is needed.
  • Customer Research: continue research to understand what customers want, how they are using the product, how they want to use the product, payment options, etc.




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