Relationships build revenue

Build great customer relationships through great customer experiences

How do you build a relationship with customers?

Emotional engagement is the magic ingredient.

This Webinar Master Class shows you how to add emotions into any experience so customers feel that they are included.

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Transactions aren't connections

We often hear that customers need to read at least 11 pieces of content before contacting sales. Or we host promotional events, offer free trials, or provide other activities to reach out to new prospects. We optimize our products to make functionality easier to use. We fix support problems to reduce calls. But we still don't see the results we'd like. We often think our customer considers "what's in it for me." But is that what they are really after? Or do they want a relationship?


Build relationships through experiences.

Most of us remember a handful of experiences with companies. If we reflect on what makes these experiences memorable, we'll quickly realize that it's not the uniqueness, the messaging, or that a product is easy use. In fact, if a transactional app is easy to use, it may not be memorable. We'll say that the experience "spoke to us." We'll find the experience useful, helpful. But what does that mean?


Not everyone will be a customer.

Yes, there are some prospects who stay that way forever. And that's ok! They can be an advocate, an ally, a friend. It's like people who are in your life for a season, a reason, or a lifetime.


Journeys are important, but do they fix everything?

Journeys help marketers and product managers determine how prospects and customers are using the content created, and how to get someone from one way of thinking to another. They are transactional. They address a part of a relationship. You want to address the complete relationship using the Customer Relationship Lifecycle.


Memorable experiences are the result of an emotional connection.

And that's what we can help you create. Gearmark works with companies to develop memorable and emotionally engaging experiences online (and offline).



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